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2021 Annual Conference

The 2021 Annual Conference is scheduled for September 17-18 at Camp Hebron in Halifax PA. Camp Hebron offers a beautiful woods setting at the foot of the Peters Mountain, located 18 miles North of Harrisburg. The theme of the conference is The Spiritual Disciplines, Going Deeper with Jesus and will focus on Yokefellowship’s Seven Disciplines.

Ryan Forbes will be our speaker for the Friday banquet. Ryan was a troublemaker who kept crossing paths with a town police officer, Wendell Metz. To Wendell, Ryan was a scum of the earth kind of guy who was a constant annoyance.  To Ryan, Wendell was a police officer who seemed to have a vendetta against him.  In one of Ryan’s prison stays, he gave his life to Jesus and a transformation happened in his life.  The next time their paths crossed Ryan and Wendell Metzler ended up in a 45-minute conversation in which Ryan apologized and the two became friends.

All Yokefellow volunteers and others who are interested in prison ministry are encouraged to attend. Annual Conference Brochure   Camp Hebron Lodging Options

YPM 2020 Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Report is now available. Due to Covid-19 our ministry statistics are reported through March 2020 at which time the doors to the institutions in which we served were closed to volunteers. At that time Yokefellowship was ministering in 44 correctional facilities in PA with 356 faithful volunteers. Although we were not able to minister behind prison bars the ministry continued. Please take some time to read about the changes and other activities throughout the year.

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YPM 2020 Annual Conference Videos

In August our 2020 Annual Conference, entitled “Effective Ministry Inside and Out” was cancelled due to Covid-19. Our Executive Director, Carl Geissinger, made arrangements to have our scheduled speakers recorded and uploaded to YouTube:  Main Speakers: Dr Wilson Goode and Chaplain Debra Reitz; Workshop Leaders: Sam Hartman, Danesta Whaley, David Bowen, Ryan Newswanger, William Jones, and Patrick Antosy; and Testimony Speakers: Freddie Nole and Charity Sampsell.

View our conference brochure for the profiles of our speakers and titles of their messages and workshops –  2020 Annual Conference Brochure   Then view at YPM Youtube Playlist

Jerry A.

In my life I have accumulated about 7-8 years in jails and going up state twice, I retired 2 state numbers and the last time I got out of jail in Oct. of 2004, 13 years after I first went to jail, it has become my last one. Thanks in big part to becoming saved in November of 1998 at the Clearfield County Prison, the yokefellowship people that came in at that time changed my life.

It took me some trial and error with Christianity but I now attend the greatest church that is so Spirit filled and real, you couldn’t ask for more out of a relationship with Christ and a body of believers.

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