Our Mission is to “help at-risk youth, inmates and returning citizens yoke themselves to Christ for salvation and changed lives.”

Our Commitment is to change these lives through personal discipline and committed small groups where problems and faith are shared.

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View testimonies of former inmates and YPM volunteers.

Join Us


  • Small group facilitators in prison and on the outside.
  • Spiritual advisors In-prison
  • Mentors upon release.
  • Pen pals
  • Prayer Partners
  • Administrative volunteers – all areas


  • Source of volunteers
  • Welcome YPM Representative to share mission with testimonies.
  • Become a Ministry Partner with YPM to help Returning Citizens


  • Employment
  • Job Training


YPM is also interested in partnering with other entities – other ministries, government programs, etc. Please contact us to see how we can work together.