2021 Annual Conference Videos

The 2021 Annual Yokefellowship Conference was held September 17-18 at Camp Hebron in Halifax PA. The theme was The Spiritual Disciplines, Going Deeper with Jesus and the focus was on Yokefellowship’s Seven Disciplines.

Ryan Forbes was our speaker for the Friday banquet. Ryan was a troublemaker who kept crossing paths with a town police officer, Wendell Metz. To Wendell, Ryan was a scum of the earth kind of guy who was a constant annoyance.  To Ryan, Wendell was a police officer who seemed to have a vendetta against him.  In one of Ryan’s prison stays, he gave his life to Jesus and a transformation happened in his life.  The next time their paths crossed Ryan and Wendell Metzler ended up in a 45-minute conversation in which Ryan apologized and the two became friends.    

2021 Yokefellowship Conference brochure.

  • Keynote Speaker:
    • Ryan Forbes, Drug & Alcohol Specialist, Former Inmate, Author, Unchained
  • Seven Disciplines:
  • Testimony Speakers:
    • Jason Bright, Personal Testimony – Multiple incarcerations and hospitalizations, but God….
    • Kim Guiser, Personal Testimony – Inmate’s Wife
    • Jim Perkins, Personal Testimony, Former Inmate, Released, Returned, Released. God still working on healing.
  • Other Speakers:
    • Rich Jacobs, Vision to create a book series of stories of hope and transformation “Get Free and Stay Free”
    • Joe Walling, Letter Writing Ministry – Fulfilling the Great Commission from the comfort of your living room.
    • Nathan McLaughlin, Leading Inmates in Faith and Education, Life Ministries