D. Elton Trueblood

YPM grew out of a “movement” started by Quaker and theologian D. Elton Trueblood in 1949. After meditating on Matthew 11:25-30 he encouraged others to start small fellowship groups to help one another yoke themselves to Christ and in the process yoke themselves to one another. The movement grew across the nation.

Dr. Larry Baulch, a former inmate under the guidance of Trueblood, brought Yokefellowship to Pennsylvania. YPM currently ministers in nearly half of the adult correctional facilities in PA Thanks to the commitment and faithfulness of dedicated volunteers and leaders and the power and love of God. YPM still exists today and is currently ministering in nearly half of the adult correctional facilities in PA.   See locations here.

In 1949, after meditating on Matthew 11:25-30, he found a name for his “movement,” Yokefellows. Being a Yokefellow was synonymous with being yoked with Christ and heeding the call to help others.

In 1955, Trueblood gave an address in Washington, DC to a group of chaplains from the federal prisons. He emphasized the power of the small disciplined spiritual group to affect a change for the better in the lives of participants. Two chaplains, one at Tacoma, Washington, and the other from Lewisburg, PA saw the possibilities and soon, working independently of each other, established Yokefellow groups in their penitentiaries.

Regarding incarceration, Trueblood stated,

“The primary purpose is the improvement of persons.
Separation from the world for a while is justified if new life emerges.
But Yokefellows know that new life does not emerge of itself.
It comes only if there is consistent and loving effort to give embodiment
to the divine potential in each person made in God’s image.
That is why we work; we are trying to combine the warm heart and the clear head.
We are well aware of the possibility of failure, but we never give up,
because the prize is one of real magnitude.
If one person is truly changed, all of the effort expended is worthwhile.”

D. Elton Trueblood

1955-1967 -According to a January 1993 article in the Lewisburg Journal, Dr. Larry Baulch, a former inmate who was under the guidance of Trueblood, brought Yokefellows to the Susquehanna Valley.

Also during this period, Trueblood contacted Newman Gaugler from New Jersey to head the National Yokefellow Prison Ministry. Newman established  his office in  Sunbury, PA.  As documented in Trueblood’s book, While It Is Day, by 1974, Newman Gaugler, who was instrumental in starting both efforts and who served as president of the national organization,  had successfully started “ more than 500 such fellowships in various kinds of prisons across the country.” Several of our Area Councils today were among those initial fellowships.

In 1968 The Yokefellowship of Pennsylvania was incorporated in Pennsylvania. with Rev. John Mosteller as Executive Director.

In 1969The Yokefellowship Prison Ministry was incorporated in Pennsylvania.

In 1972The Yokefellowship Prison Ministry was renamed the National Yokefellow Prison Ministry.

In 1986 the two entities merged to form our present organization, Yokefellowship Prison Ministry.  See  YPM’s Organizational History

In 2011 there was a major change in the organizational structure of YPM with the introduction of geographical regions and Regional Advisory Councils. This change was made to empower local volunteer leaders to strengthen and expand local ministries. Parttime Regional Directors were hired to support this new emphasis.

Past YPM Executive Directors

YPM is strong today in large part to our past leadership. See Past Executive Directors

Visit our Lehigh Valley Area Council’s website  to read A Brief History of the Yokefellowship Prison Ministry written by Donald L. Ripple, Exec Dir Emeritus of Yokefellowship Prison Ministry.