Executive Director — Carl Geissinger accepted the part-time position of YPM Executive Director effective July 1, 2018. Carl is one of a long line of committed and passionate leaders since YPM’s inception. See Past Executive Directors

Carl Geissinger

Carl pastored Manbeck Mennonite Church for twenty years, served as interim pastor at Boyer Mennonite Church, and as a pastor at Barrville Mennonite Church. Carl also served as chaplain at Snyder County Prison for six years. Carl has been involved with Yokefellows for 35 years serving as the SUN Council Director for 10 of those years and as a Yokefellow volunteer in the Snyder County Jail for 25 years. In addition to shepherding people, Carl has also been a sheep shearer since 1976. (570-765-3923)

Yokefellowship is divided into five geographical regions.

Regional Director of SC Region — Mike Knott accepted the part-time position in Oct 2018.

Mike Knott

Mike Knott came to Yokefellowship in a rather indirect manner.  After a 27 year career in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections he semi-retired; working part-time for the PA Prison Society and then in the community mental health field.  In 2014 he decided to truly retire and devote his time to his grandchildren, gardening and golf.  A chance meeting with a chaplain (David Bowen) he had worked with when assigned to SCI-Smithfield changed his plans.  The two talked and got together on a frequent basis.  Mike was brought to Jesus Christ and Yokefellows and before long he was “back in the jug,” not as a counselor or administrator but in a much more important role, he was a Yokefellows volunteer.  It was what he needed spiritually and fed his long held belief that people can and do change.  In addition to serving as SE Region Regional Director Mike volunteers at SCI Rockview and  is very active at 15th Street Methodist Church in Huntingdon, Pa. (814-386-3987 or 814-669-4125)

Regional Director of SE Region — William Jones accepted the part-time position May 1, 2019.

William Jones

William is the pastor and founder of Power House Ministries, Inc. since 2005.  William also has another assignment as a prison evangelist with a strong passion for ministry to incarcerated men for 30 years.  This began for William in 1989 as Director of Prison Ministry Outreach at Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ, one of the largest Pentecostal churches in the city of Philadelphia.  His team of 30 men and women ministered within the Philadelphia prison system and the state penitentiary at Graterford, now Phoenix conducting Bible Study sessions.  In February, 2019 William took on the role of Council Director and Chairman of the Delaware Valley Area Council for Yokefellowship.  Reentry correctional ministry for inmates that transitions back to the community remains his strong interest and pursuit.  (610-755-2312)

Regional Director NE Region — Danesta G. Whaley accepted the part-time position in Sept 2011.

Nessie Whaley

“Nessie” has over 30 years’ experience with prison ministry and worked also for Prison Fellowship Ministries in the past. She has served as Minister of Prayer and Associate Pastor at her home church, Citychurch in past years. Nessie will be stepping into the position of Temporary Supply Pastor for Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church in April 2021.  She previously was an assistant chaplain at Lycoming County Prison for 13 years conducting Bible Studies, preaching, and providing one-on-one spiritual counseling with male and female inmates. Nessie is also the Council Director for YPM’s Upper Susquehanna Valley Area Council. (570-326-6868)

Regional Director SW & NW Region — Sean Atkinson  accepted the part-time position in December 2019.

Sean Atkinson

Sean has worked as a chef for the past 25 years before being called to serve in prison ministry. He has been involved with Yokefellowship for a number of years serving both at SCI Fayette and SCI Pine Grove, where he is involved with the Young Adult Offenders program- primarily designed for offenders between the ages of 15- 20 adjudicated as adults due to the nature of the criminal offense. ” I’m truly humbled to work with such amazing people…on both sides of the fence.”  Sean is also involved at the Westmoreland City Primitive Methodist Church. (724-672-0545)