Essence & Marks of Yokefellows

The Essence of Yokefellows

YPM’s focus is in three areas, commonly known as the three dimensions, or “essence” of Yokefellows:

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  • Caring fellowship — It is the group leader’s responsibility to create a warm, accepting and caring atmosphere where persons feel comfortable and free to participate. Participants get to know each other, reach out and care for each other, share and receiving the love that Christ has shown us, being vulnerable and open, trusting as trust is gained and being trustworthy to others. Without this caring atmosphere, the group is little more than a glorified discussion group.
  • Disciplined Living — Participants are challenged to exercise their discipleship by seven basic disciplines – prayer, scripture, worship, money, service, witness, and study. These disciplines are the classic disciplines of the Christian faith.
  • Intentional Ministry — Participants are encouraged to make every aspect of their lives an arena in which they can interpret and apply the ways of the Lord. Participants help identify and implement individual’s ministries, encourage each other, help each other discern our ministry, and speak the truth in love if someone thinks they are called but are not gifted in that area.

Yokefellow groups have ministered to me in my deepest needs, affirmed me when experiencing self-doubt, and challenged me when I have become apathetic. None of those groups were perfect. They were groups of ordinary persons giving themselves as they were able to the common journey of Christian Discipleship. God used our imperfections, and I have been perfected, a work still in progress. — Larry Coleman, Executive Director 2011-2013

The Marks of a Yokefellow

There are five traditional “Marks of a Yokefellow.” These marks make it clear that those involved in the fellowship have joined together voluntarily for the promotion of a vital Christianity.

  1. The reality of Commitment.
  2. The acceptance of a Discipline.
  3. The bearing of a Witness
  4. The participation in a Ministry.
  5. The sharing of a deep Fellowship.