YPM Affiliates

Area Councils — YPM affiliates are known as Area Councils. Each AC has its own governing body; recruits, trains, and assigns volunteers; has its own treasury and budget; and is asked to contribute a minimum of 25% of its net income to the parent overarching ministry. Through these Area Councils, hundreds of volunteers are entering nearly half of the county, state, and federal adult correctional institutions in PA.

Each Area Council enters into a Covenant Agreement with YPM. These covenants are based upon biblical relationships. Our goal is to form and maintain a relationshp graced, loved and empowered by God while pursuing our mission and vision. The covenant clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each and are to be revisited every three years to assure both parties are of one accord.


Map  this page contains a map showing YPM regions and the Area Councils within each region.

Area Councils  this page contains a link to each Area Council page.

Area Council Leaders Only – password protected page that contains information for YPM Area Council Leaders such as reporting requirements, policy changes, communications from YPM Board of Directors, etc.