Don Harding, Moundsville, WV Prison & Jail Volunteer

June 7, 2012

Yokefellowship VolunteerFour men in an old pickup truck stopped by my house today and wanted to know if I wanted my roof checked. Before I could reply, he pointed out several things wrong with my roof. I noticed some of the shingles were not even with the others, but didn’t think much about them. Turns out they were coming loose and needed renailed and sealed. He gave me a terrific price and they fixed them on the spot. Plus, they took out a spare hot water tank we never use anymore. They’re coming back this fall and grinding a stump also.

In the process, he noticed an open bible in the garage and asked about it. I had picked it up at Goodwill and was in process of fixing some torn places and retaping the edges of others. “The Bible is going to Ohio Co Corrections this Sunday,” I replied. I mentioned about being in Yokefellowship Prison Ministry. He then said, “Hey, I remember you. I did 6 months for 2nd offense DUI. You were one of several men who came in on Fridays at Northern. You gave me a bible.”

He continued, “There are many who really appreciate your group, and your meeting is a welcome event. We look forward to those days you come in.” He said he still has his bible and has never had another drink since his release. He has tried several churches but most act like they don’t want him. Because of his record, it is hard to get a job now so he is making work himself , his son and three other men of like record.

Several families have hired them here in the neighborhood, for various jobs. His last statement was rewarding, “Please don’t give up on going in the prison. You are needed.”

It was like getting a payday. Most of the time we never hear from the men. Never know if any good is being done. We don’t go for praise or applause. We go because it is scripture. But it was nice hearing from someone from the inside. I just thought you might like to hear some positive news for a change. don harding