Returning Citizens

Yokefellowship is currently developing our Mentoring Program for returning citizens and also compiling a database of churches who have partnered with us to welcome and embrace returning citizens.

Mentoring Program

A Yokefellow Mentor is a Yokefellow volunteer who has made a commitment to help, encourage, and counsel one or more individuals who are to be released or have been released back into society after incarceration. A Yokefellow Mentor must be mature spiritually and emotionally and have related experiences and skills. A Yokefellow Mentor must be respected and admired such that others would want to learn from them and model their life after them.

A Yokefellow Mentee is an inmate or returning citizen who has agreed to be “mentored,” i.e., helped, encouraged, and counseled, by a Yokefellow Mentor. A Yokefellow Mentee must be willing to be a student and learner. The mentee must recognizes the mentor as one from whom they want to learn and who they desire to follow as their mentor, in turn, follows Christ – see I Corinthians 11:1.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee through Yokefellowship please contact us.

Partnering Churches

See Partnering Churches for a list of churches who are partnering with Yokefellows. If you are involved in a church that welcomes returning citizens please contact us.