Is YPM For You?

Is Yokefellowship Prison Ministry for you?

“For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” — 2 Corinthians 4:5

YPM’s Responsibilities – More than fifty years of experience have revealed the good, as well as the harm, that comes from well-intentioned volunteers who are filled with the Holy Spirit and eager to minister behind bars. As an organization, it is YPM’s responsibility to do all within its power to:

  • equip and protect our volunteers,
  • share our beliefs with inmates and returning citizens to help yoke them to Christ, and
  • protect the good name of the YPM so that we can minister for years to come.

Part of this process is to carefully screen potential volunteers to assure they’re willing to:

  • fall under YPM’s leadership and oversight,
  • share and profess YPM’s beliefs, and
  • comply with all the rules and guidelines of the institutions in which YPM ministers.

Your Beliefs

First and foremost, to be a YPM volunteer you must be in complete agreement with our Statement of Faith.  To those who are in total agreement, being a YPM volunteer is both a tremendous responsibility and an awesome privilege.

Your Responsibilities

As a YPM volunteer you represent Christ, other Christians, as well as YPM. You have an awesome responsibility. Everything you say and do reflects on Christ, other Christians and YPM. Inmates, as well as staff, listen and watch you. Inmates, especially, are very adept at picking up on non-Christian attitudes, prejudices, and insincerity. You must make every effort to reflect the love of God at all times and keep a humble spirit. Prison ministry is never about you and always about those to whom you minister.

It’s a Privilege

It is indeed a privilege to minister to inmates and returning citizens. Because of YPM’s long-standing and excellent reputation, many institutions have opened their doors to YPM recognizing our direct involvement with our volunteers. Volunteers can feel confident there is a solid “roof” over their heads. This privilege should never be taken for granted. Disregarding or disobeying the rules can lead to instant dismissal. If falsely accused, the local Area Council, and if needed, YPM central, will endeavor to resolve the problem.

YPM’s Volunteer Support

YPM provides all volunteers with literature, annual training opportunities, and a dynamic annual conference to equip them for the ministry. New volunteers are also mentored by existing volunteers and the YPM Volunteer Handbook is especially helpful in a volunteer’s initial training. Significant time, energy and resources are invested into the training and certification process. Local area councils provide direct oversight and address local needs.

Ask Yourself

Discussing the following topics/questions with a YPM Area Council representative will enable you and the Area Council to assess whether volunteering under the YPM umbrella will be beneficial to everyone involved.

  • Why do you want to minister to inmates and/or returning citizens?
  • What is your religious background or training?
  • Are you willing to participate in mandatory YPM training/certification events at least once every two years?
  • Are you willing to comply with YPM’s Ministry and Security Do’s and Don’ts and other directives determined by either the local AC and YPM organization?
  • If you do not personally know any YPM volunteer who can vouch for your character, will you provide one or more character references to provide YPM with some assurance that your character and background will not jeopardize the ministry and those involved in the ministry.

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