Volunteer Testimonies

Don Harding, Moundsville, WV Prison & Jail Volunteer

June 7, 2012

Four men in an old pickup truck stopped by my house today and wanted to know if I wanted my roof checked. Before I could reply, he pointed out several things wrong with my roof. I noticed some of the shingles were not even with the others, but didn’t think much about them. Turns out […]

Carlos Caguias, Franklin County Jail Volunteer

June 7, 2012

Yokefellows volunteer, Carlos Caguias, knows what its like to be shackled, locked up, locked down, and alone. He’s been addicted to drugs and alcohol, blinded by rage, and filled with the fury to kill. He should have died 100 times. But through it all, Carlos believes God sanctified him, protected him, and finally, called him […]