Redemptive Fellowships

REDEEM 1.a: to buy back: repurchase b: to get or win back 2. to free from what distresses or harms: as a: to free from captivity by payment of ransom b: to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental c: to release from blame or debt : clear d: to free from the consequences of sin change for the better: reform 4. repair, restore 5. a: to free from a lien by payment of an amount secured thereby b(1): to remove the obligation of by payment (2): to exchange for something of value c: to make good: fulfill 6. a: to atone for: expiate b(1): to offset the bad effect of (2): to make worthwhile: retrieve

What are redemptive fellowships?

Yokefellowship — Redemptive FellowshipsRedemptive fellowships are communities of believers who minister to each other to bring about new life and spiritual refreshment. Redemptive fellowships love, accept and affirm one another through the grace and mercy of Christ. Its members grow in faith, encouraged by a special kind of fellowship that allows members to recover a sense of meaning in their lives. We experience God in redemptive fellowships.

In a redemptive fellowship, God the Holy Spirit of Christ speaks to the gathered and the gathered speak to the Lord. It is a divine-human transaction. The coming together in the name of Christ, magnifies the presence of God and the love from the heart of Christ flows through each member.

A healthy, loving, caring and united church is a redemptive fellowship. Groups within the church where believers connect and help one another grow in Christ, such as Sunday school classes, are smaller redemptive fellowships. And groups outside the church building, comprised of believers intent on sharing the love of Christ with one another, are redemptive fellowships. Yokefellowship Prison Ministry is a redemptive fellowship.

Dr. Elton Trueblood quotes regarding redemptive fellowships:

  • “[Jesus] did not leave a book; He did not leave an army; He did not leave an organization, in the ordinary sense. What He left, instead, was a little redemptive fellowship made up of extremely common people whose total impact was miraculous. Though the members were individually unworthy, the fellowship which they came to share was so far superior to the sum of its parts that it was not only able to survive and endure, but finally to dominate and to save.” Sermon, The Salt of the Earth
  • “The redemptive fellowship, Christ seems to say, is on the offensive, and it is so strong in its penetration that even the very gates of hel cannot keep it from enter.” Sermon, The Gates of Hell
  • “The redemptive group, then, is not only the salt which preserves and the leven which penetrates; it is also the keys which unlock. New possibilities are revealed in human life as the redemptive fellowship grows.” Sermon, The Keys of the Kingdom
  • “We cannot be Christians without the church, for merely individual Christianity is a contradiction in terms, but the church itself goes stale unless there are small redemptive societies which grow up within it to arouse, to stimulate, and to revive.” Sermon, The Power of Small Fellowships

Hal Owens of Yokefellowship International described a small group as follows:

“The scripture is read. Prayers are spoken. Silence is accepted. One person speaks of struggles; another, of joys. Each listens to the other and all encourage one another. In this process, new life emerges. The members of the group become joined together in a deep, mystical relationship. A redemptive fellowship is born. the Church of Jesus Christ is being built.

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Jeb Magruder of the Watergate affair said:

“The Yokefellows, unlike most people, accept the prisoner as a brother, in fact a wounded brother in need of special care. None of them made any speeches or wore any labels, but each time they came, their presence was telling me that I was a person, someone worthy of Christ’s love and forgiveness. They didn’t have to tell anyone they were Christians; in the simple giving of their love and care, they said it all.”