Small Group Discussions


Be prepared with a topics – accompanying scripture and thought-provoking questions. But recognize that the Holy Spirit may take the group to a different topic. Discussion leaders must be flexible – not static or controlling. An immediate need may surface during prayer time or be shared by an inmate at any point of the session.

Guided Discussions — A Yokefellow small group may use many topics and media to initiate dialogue:

  • traditional and shared Yokefellow-generated resources;
  • classic book studies such as Pilgrim’s Progress
  • contemporary book studies such as Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life,
  • Biblical book studies or topical studies on words (love, forgiveness), biographies (Moses, Paul), geographical, etc.;
  • relevant and meaningful topics such as:
    • How to Trust and not Worry
    • What does it mean to be a new creation.
    • Are You Living Under Law or Under Grace
    • Have you surrendered to God?
    • Are you living in the presence of Christ?
  • Serendipity House Bible Study or other small group resources,
  • DVD presentations such as:
    • Dr Edwin Cole’s series on manhood or
    • Joyce Myers’ series on the Battlefield of the Mind, etc.

The possibilities are endless. But regardless of the topic and means of communications, the facilitator needs to focus discussions on discovering God’s Word as it directly applies to participants’ lives.