New YPM Book – Get Free and Stay Free

Get Free and Stay Free: Stories of Inmates Who Found Freedom Inside and Out

GET FREE and STAY FREE: Stories of Inmates Who Found Freedom Inside and Out tells the compelling account of 11 inmates who have achieved and maintained physical and spiritual freedom.

These in-depth interviews will be difficult to read and may bring tears to your eyes and pain to your heart. The soul-baring accounts of dysfunctional families, chaotic neighborhoods, addiction, poverty, emotional pain, violence, and shallow goals led to very foolish choices. Once arrested, convicted, sentenced, and incarcerated the challenges became more intense. But these 11 sinners found the way to abundant life.

They each, in their way and in their own time, decided to follow Jesus Christ. They had help from loved ones, chaplains, corrections professionals, and Christian ministries like Yokefellowship Prison Ministry. But it was their confessions, prayers, and encounters with the Holy Spirit that took them from darkness to light.

There are patterns in these stories. Tragic as they may be, these are stories of hope! There is encouragement and wisdom here for inmates, returned citizens, their families, the professionals who work with them, and all who believe that everyone who sins can change and that second chances can lead to men and women who bless the world. There are important lessons here for those who care about correctional ministry and for all of us who sin.

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Paperbacks ($13.99) and Kindle e-books ($6.99) are only available on Amazon. To preview – “Look Inside.” All proceeds benefit Yokefellowship Prison Ministry in Pennsylvania.

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About the Author

Pastor David M. Lewis is currently the Board Chair of Yokefellowship Prison Ministry in Pennsylvania. He was the organizing pastor at New Hanover Methodist Church. Over his 30 years as senior pastor, the church became one of the largest United Methodist churches in the northeastern U.S.